What is "Good" Egg?

Well, believe it or not.

I used to be a gal who "didn't care" where my eggs come from.

-Eggs are Eggs
-Why people need to pay more for eggs?
-The Cheaper ,the better
-What the heck is "Happy chicken eggs?"

Yup, Really! I used to be a girl who is going for the "cheapest and the most" egg trays in the supermarket.

But Slowly changed my mind.It took 1 year for me to completely change my eggs to "better" egg option.

To be honest, it isn't easy for me to choose "Happy chicken eggs in Korea since We simply don't have space .but as long as they don't add on "additives, extra hormone, antibiotics in chicken" then I am happy. but if you have option to choose "organic" eggs" then go for it, saving 5 dollars on dozen of eggs would save you at lease 50 bucks on your medical bill !

Food is Medicine, Do not separate them

Detoxify our body!

-What? how come eggs can Detoxify my body?

1. Antibiotics(???)- Great source for curing disease but it wipe out all the "Micronutrients" which include necessary bacteria in our system to keep us healthy.

Yeap, Chicken get those shots in their body. Have you been to chicken farm? I haven't. But thanks to Brave healthy warrior in the world, I could see a lot of footage of reality in chicken farm. To be able to "supply" huge chicken demand, Farmer had to keep them alive in small area, they need to keep them healthy. but we might get those as well if we get eggs which came out of chickens which got antibiotics. And there is a high percentage of "wiping all our healthy gut flora" as well.

2. Additives to the feed

Right Fuel to Healthy body is the way for everything. Farmers had to choose " additives to the feed " for chickens to grow faster, and bigger .

3. Hormone Enhancer

Healthy looking Hen would have more eggs to handle. No doubt about that, but Have We thought about "how can we make it "looking healthy and big Hen" in the shoe box size cage with such a short amount of time? yeah. that's right

4. Stressful environment generate Disease hormone

Stress is one of major cause of all the disease in the world. no doubt about that. but what about chicken? what about the egg from those unhappy chicken?

Our body 24/7 detoxify itself and while we are feeding no extra work on our body, our body can work better. while we are avoiding Chemical toxins, Our body can fight better on other "sick" area in our body.

Easy step at a time, Change huge difference in our body. and our wallet as well.

Everyone is different, and bio-individuality is the key for healthy body.

If you happen to be a not-egg eater, that is fine but if you know anyone around you who eats egg then please recommend them to choose "better eggs" =-) we want to keep our friends and family as long as we can, and being healthy! =-) with an easy step at a time!

How can we choose better eggs then?

- Organic eggs, Free -range eggs , and Farmers market eggs =-)

If you live in korea, then go to here: I posted where I am getting my chicken eggs from. And if you want more support regarding your health, then you can visit here.

Be Healthy and Live Awesome!